Hello GFC Family,

We are excited to be regathering, Lord willing, this Sunday, July 5th at 3pm. Just as we have not been meeting together physically as a way to love one another and our neighbor, we are seeking to do the same in the way we regather. To that end, we will be following the recommendations of the CDC and our state for as long as they ask us to. We are also keeping our recommendations in line with those of Encounter Church. Here’s a list of what regathering will look like – it has been slightly adapted from a letter sent out by Encounter Church.

Be respectful of others. Varying levels of concern are represented within the church body regarding COVID-19, and it is important to respect these concerns, not allowing the opportunity for division. This includes those who still feel it is best to continue to stay home. Please follow your conscious and know that your attendance or non-attendance will be respected.

Stay home if you have COVID-19 symptoms, have been knowingly exposed in the previous two weeks, or have compromised health concerns. We are planning to livestream our Sunday service, allowing those who need to stay home to join with us virtually. Details of that will be sent out once they are available.

Apply social distancing practices. We are recommending that each person wear a mask, refrain from physical contact with others (sorry, that includes hugs and handshakes), and maintain adequate spacing when talking with each other. Regarding children and masks, the CDC says no one 2 and under should wear a mask, and Kentucky says no one 5 and under is required to wear one. Parents, we trust your judgment on this.

Children must stay with parents/guardians before, during, and after the service. There will be no nursery available, so please plan accordingly for your kids. The service length will be shortened to an hour to help accommodate parents with young children. The HUB youth center and all classrooms will be off limits.

Allow for space between families when sitting in the sanctuary. The chair rows in the sanctuary have been spaced six feet apart, and it is important that three empty chairs separate each family unit.

Limit one person in the bathroom at a time. We are asking that only one person be in the bathroom at a time except when young children or individuals need parental or trained assistance. Please wait patiently outside the bathroom until the bathroom becomes available. Washing your hands after bathroom use is always encouraged. Sanitizer stations will also be located around the building.

Bring your own water. We will not be serving food or drink of any kind currently, so please plan ahead if you or your children may need water or other items.

In light of all of these guidelines, it may prove difficult to focus on the reasons we are gathering. So don’t forget to come with joyful hearts, prepared to worship. Come ready to pray with one another and to encourage one another. Come with an openness to what the Lord wants to teach us from the Scriptures.

We are looking forward to seeing you this Sunday!

The Elders of GFC