Born of God

December 9, 2018
We will never receive the Son of God unless we are born again.

Who is the Word?

December 2, 2018
Because of who He is, Jesus is the only one who can save us.

The End That Never Ends

November 11, 2018
Because of the awesome authority of Christ, his followers have an awesome responsibility and have received an awesome guarantee.
The law brings hopelessness, despair and death. But in God’s grace, faith in Christ has brought something far better: hope, freedom and life.


October 28, 2018
Sin no longer rules over God's people, because God is with us.

Join In

October 21, 2018
Though it may not be easy, through God's grace and power, we can do what He calls us to do. There is nothing better that we can invest our lives…

The Road of Conversion

September 16, 2018
God is purposely pursuing particular people as He spreads his gospel and glory to the ends of the earth.